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"I go to the Dakota dunes office, since it has opened, and on Saturdays go to the Sioux City office when I need to. Both offices have great staff."

- Chadwick S.

"Heartland Chiropractic is the place to go for excellent chiropractic care in the Siouxland area! Dr. Laures is very knowledgeable in chiropractic medicine and has excellent bedside manner. His hours are very convenient. I do not hesitate to refer friends, family, and patients to him."

- Kathy L.

"Wyatt is the man. One of the friendliest guys you will ever meet and you never get the run around. He fixes what needs fixing and sends you on your way. The last Chiropractor I had was an idiot and most of the time he wouldnt even do manual adjustments. He enjoyed his clicker so much he would tell me about its origin every single time I came in. Thanks Wyatt."

- Tony P.

"I have been going to chiropractors since I was 17. The last one, before Joey, recommended that I come in twice a month because my insurance would cover it. Maintenance he called it. I didn't want maintenance. I wanted to get better. When I first saw Joey, he told me to give him 3 chances and I must follow his recommendations. If, after the 3rd visit I didn't feel any better, then he wasn't the chiropractor for me. Not only did I feel better, but Joey's goal has been to make me a "stranger" in his office because I need him so infrequently. I would recommend him to anyone!"

- Marty R.

"Wyatt Hagan is amazing. He'll fix you. And won't make you come back daily for lots of trips. He's as honest as they come."

- David L.

"They are very good chiropractors. I have been going since 1997 and have always been satisfied. Highly recommend these doctors, I am so happy Joey can keep me moving."

- Shareil W.

"Joey and Wyatt are the best I recommend them to anyone with back problems!!!"

- Beth D.

"Wyatt and Joey are awesome! Oh yes great Chiropractors too!"

- Brett W.

"Best place in all of Siouxland."

- Doug J.


- Jake A.

"Wyatt Hagan and his staff are the best around!!"

- Janet D.